Þú snýrð mér hring, hring, hring eftir hring, eins og geisladiskur

Já, ég snýst í hringi varðandi framhaldsnám. Er aftur farin að líta hýru auga til Bandaríkjanna, þrátt fyrir slysið sem sést í síðustu færslu minni. University of Michigan lítur enn vel út, samanber (ef einhver hefur áhuga):

The goal of the Certificate Program is to provide students:

background on neural and computational approaches to cognition, with particular emphasis on the methodological techniques currently being used;
background in substantive areas of interest, such as attention and memory; and
opportunities to develop analytic research skills in the context of collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects.
The Certificate Program includes a course curriculum: four core courses which emphasize cognitive-neuroscience methods and three elective courses in related areas. The Program also includes a research requirement.

Required Core Courses (choose four):
Psychology 634: Adv Topics in Human Neuropsychology
Psychology 643: Theory of Neural Computation OR
Psychology 644: Computational Modeling of Cognition
Psychology 808: Special Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience
Psychology 808: Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience

Electives (choose three):
Biomed 516/EECS 516: Medical Imaging Systems
Biostats 645: Time Series Analysis with Biomedical Applications
Biostats 845: Advanced Topics in Time Analysis
BME 499: Introduction to Functional MRI
Med Admin 571: Human Neuroanatomy
Neuro 601: Principles of Neuroscience I
Neuro 602: Principles of Neuroscience II
Neuro 701: Special Topics: Neuroimaging
Philosophy 540: Philosophy of Mind
Psychology 436: Drugs, Brain & Behavior
Psychology 500: Cognitive Neuroscience of Higher Mental Processes
Psychology 500: Developmental Biopsychology
Psychology 541: Left Brain/Right Brain
Psychology 808: Affective and Motivational Neuroscience
Psychology 808: Cortical Organization and Cognitive Function
Psychology 808: Current Topics in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention
Psychology 808: Current Topics in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
Psychology 808: Event-Related Brain Potentials
Psychology 831: Neuropsychopharmacology of Substance Abuse
Psychology 908: Cognition and Aging
Psychology 908: Techniques and Issues in Neuropsychology